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123...embark on your career leap

Are you an executive looking for your next career leap? We know the Corona pandemic has shaken things up for many talented individuals.

"When everything is moving and shifting, the only way to counteract chaos is with stillness. When the surface is wavy, dive deeper for quieter waters". (K. Amstrong)

The pandemic is the perfect time to relax, think and plan your future professional passion, transition and choice. Are you ready to dive into a journey of positive change, concrete actions and concrete results?

We understand you want to try and see results so that's why we would like to offer you a 30 minutes complimentary consultation. As our success is attributed to our commitment to making a big difference in your life and connect you with our world-class clients, we need to understand what would be the perfect match for you.

In our call, we will discuss your skillset, career aspirations and work with you to help you find your next home. We partner with the best consultant, Limor Jasinski, to help you find your next career choice.

Limor is a Strategic Empowerment Coach who proves that everything is possible. For more than half a decade, Limor passionately leads people to their personal and professional success. Her educational background includes receiving the following certifications:

  • Life Coaching Certification – Robbins-Madanes Coaching Training Institute.

  • Personal Development Coach Certificate – Toot Communication and Results Inc.

  • Strategic Intervention Coach - Strategic Intervention Coaching Institute.

  • Leadership and Results Certificate – Tony Robbins Academy.

  • Public Speaking Certification – Professional Speaking Academy.

Her main goal is to assist these individuals to progressively improve performance in their personal life as well as in the workplace eventually resulting in achieving desired goals.

For a confidential consultation get in touch with us today!


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