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3 shifts faced by employers

Following the pandemic, organizations will have to successfully manage the following three challenges:

1. Proactively addressing employees’ health and safety concerns

2. Successfully shifting from a mainly office-based work setup to working remotely

3. Rise to the expectations of a good work-life balance

The isolation of some people that was enhanced by the pandemic is a social concern that should be addressed by organizations. Indeed, mental health concerns should be addressed by organizations as they should offer proactive and strong support programs to their employees.

With the constraints of the pandemic, many organizations are adjusting to employees working remotely. We were used to going to work and, in many businesses, teleworking was perceived as a benefit offered by the employer. Although this cannot be possible in all industries, the pandemic highlighted that there is no correlation between someone’s productivity and his presence in the office. Organizations will have to adopt policies that provide employees with flexible work schedules and practices.

According to a survey, 87% of employees expect their employers to actively help them reach a good work-life balance. Organizations can achieve this goal and even increase their employee productivity, by developing good communication channels with their employees and clearly defining their expectations through clear indicators.

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