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3 steps to overcome your negative emotions before an interview with board members

At OLAM Executive Search, we truly care for our candidates. and offer you some of the best insights to manage difficult emotions before, during and after an online interview with the selection committee or board members .

If you feel stressed before or after the interview, here are 3 powerful steps: Observe, Accept, Challenge

  • Observe: First, monitor your thoughts, when a negative thought arrives, observe it: "I think I will fail it, I am not good enough or prepared enough for this nterview. The board will ask me too difficult questions..." is it something you hear yourself say? Negative thinking is a habit. It is useful to notice our thought patterns.

  • Accept: Second, do not suppress the thought or judge yourself for having it. Telling yourself "I have to stop thinking about that job interview," will not alleviate the thought. Instead, just bring awareness to what is happening. Tell yourself: "I am thinking about my job interview and have negative thoughts about it." Being conscious of the type of emotions you are experiencing helps you accept them.

  • Challenge: Third, challenge your runaway thoughts cycle: “Is this thought really true? If yes, why? Am I solving anything by dwelling on these negative thoughts? Does the outcome of this single interview really determine my future?” Challenging your thoughts will give you the power of taking action.

When we separate from negative thoughts, recognize them, challenge them, we remove their power... Of course, negative thinking is not always unwanted, as it can help us focus on problems in order to find solutions.

But most of the time, negative thinking can be detrimental to our health and well-being. However, with concentrated efforts, as with dedicated meditation practice, we can overcome those thoughts and create new, positive ones. As with anything, practice makes perfect.


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