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321...Go: managing transitions at work

You got promoted and you are starting your new role with a lot of enthusiasm. You are able and driven, as all your colleagues and managers in the C-Executive Suite.

Wait!...Pause and breathe for a minute. You might underestimate many aspects of your new leadership role. This is the first of a series of ten articles and/or videos regarding managing transitions at work.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” (Benjamin Franklin)

  1. Observe carefully in general for the first three months the organizational culture: verbal and nonverbal interactions, who are the formal and informal leaders, the key stakeholders, accepted and non accepted behaviors, team interactions, etc.

  2. Prepare your communications and meetings with the other executives (in addition to starting your strategy and action plan): you need to establish new communications channels for communicating your strategic vision across the organization.

  3. Exhibit the right presence: you are now on the spotlight. Get an early fix on what is expected from you. How does a leader acts in your current organization? What kind of personal leadership brand do you want to have?

  4. Have THE conversation with your boss on the first week. Here are sample questions to ask:

    • What is a success according to you?

    • When do you expect to see some results?

    • How would you measure success?

    • What is the time frame?

    • If we successfully meet our goal,what is next?

    • How do you prefer to interact with me?

    • What are your modes of communication? (in person, phone, email, voicemail, social media)

    • How often should we touch base?

    • How much detail should I provide to you?

Source : The first 90 days, Proven strategies for getting up to speed faster and smarter, Michael D. Watkins.


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