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4 tips for an executive role in philanthropy

To find an executive position in the nonprofit or philanthropic world, you must be a proactive candidate. Here are some ideas for the most significant sources for employment today:

  • Executive Recruitment Firms: an experienced executive recruitment consultant will act as your ambassador and contact you for specific positions after conducting a proper exploratory interview.

  • Specific Job Boards: Run your research on specialized job boards such as:, Chronicle of Philanthropy,

  • Specific Professional Associations: Join professional associations few examples of nom profit and philanthropic associations are: The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

  • Your network of business contacts and friends: Maintain your network by staying in touch. volunteer for non-profits organizations and foundations.

At OLAM Executive Search, we are experts in Executive Recruitment in Philanthropy. We are working with a strong network of international consultants.


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