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Successful fundraising: have a voice!

Fundraising is not easy and for tons of reasons : competition from other foundations, no or wrong leadership, not targeting the right donors, complexity of your organization, technological and communication continuous changes, etc.

Why don't you approach fundraising in a different way? Instead of asking or even begging for money, change the paradigm, change the formula : ask yourself, how can our organization attract money? (and not how I can raise this X amount of funds).

You attract money when your organization has a VOICE. But what is your organizational voice? What is the clear message that your organization wants to tell with passion to the rest of the world to attract the right donors? What are the values behind your actions? Do your leaders have a voice and express out loud their opinions?

"When you have no voice, you have no fundraising" Shelagh, Founder GastrowBloch Philanthropies*

(*) One-to-one interview with Olam Marketing. She is a successful fundraiser and consultant in philanthropy for the South African market.


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